Business Development Strategies Workshop for Dealership Selling Professionals

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This is an In-Dealership Workshop

No need to travel. We bring a full day of training to your dealership to make your people better!

How can you tell if you have a lead generation problem?

  • Are your salespeople standing around with nothing to do?
  • Are the majority of your sales coming from fresh prospects?
  • Are your customer acquisition costs still going through the roof?
  • Are you turning over your sales staff more than once per year?
  • Are your local businesses sending your salespeople leads regularly?
  • Are salespeople closing enough lease & finance maturing customers?
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Developing leads is not difficult, you just need a plan!

Here are the success strategies that your salespeople need to know to build profitable relationships that send them leads.

Here's What You Will Learn

  • How to Network Correctly to Generate Business

  • How to Correctly Develop Referral Business

  • How to Guarantee Repeat Lease & Finance Business

  • How to Correctly Prospect for Business

  • How to Implement Advanced Business Development Strategies

  • The Soft & Technical Skills for Business Development Strategies

Salespeople will learn how to implement these strategies to develop multiple lead generating sources.

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Isn't it time to train differently?

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Here's What You Get!

  • 8 Hours of Training and Q&A Sessions
  • Management Pre & Debriefs Session
  • Training Workbooks & Guides
  • 1hr of Virtual Q&A Session 1 week after event
  • Recommendation & Suggested Action Plans
  • Access to Key Topics in K-Method's Training Platform
  • In Class Strategy Building Sessions
  • Post Training Action Plan for lead Generation
  • Trainees Are invited to future virtual coaching events
  • Discount on Future Training & Services

Here's The Investment?

How much is having unprepared salespeople costing you? How much is having salespeople standing around waiting for the next prospect to show up really costing you? How much is turning over the sales team really costing in sales and a poor customer experience?

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