K-Method Academy's
Workforce Training & Development Blueprint

A step by step workshop on how to create your company's in-house workforce training solution to maximize employee performance


COVID-19 has changed how we hire, train and operate our businesses!


This webinar series will show you how to develop and deliver your own workforce development strategy. 

Here are the Points we will be covering in this Webinar Series

Reskilling & Upskilling the Workforce

Every day in every business, without exception, there are training opportunities that when overlooked, robs the business of developing a more competent workforce.

  • Analyze the core skills of your workforce
  • Develop and refine your training content
  • Define your systems & processes

Identifying Training Partners & Resources

The benefits for employers to seek out resources such as workforce agents, training providers and apprenticeship programs can result in gaining a more diverse and highly skilled talent pool. 

  • Identify resources to complement your workforce strategy
  • Learn who specializes in the training you want to deliver
  • Connect with organizations that offer training content

Training Virtually During COVID -19

Since COVID-19, many businesses have halted in-person training, but many more leaders have now realized that they need to adapt and turn to virtual learning programs to put employee safety first.

  • Understand advantages of technology during COVID-19
  • Access tools to grow your business in virtual workplace
  • Deliver training and connect to your employees where they are

How to Underwrite Your Training Program

Federal and local governments are invested in putting individuals on a path to becoming productive, highly skilled workers and into middle class careers.

  • Learn about funding sources and grant opportunities
  • Navigate types of programs and how to apply
  • Underwrite your new training strategy